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Family name: Lotfollahi Qarashiran Name: Sina
Title of Thesis: Exprimental and Numerical Examination of Soil Arching

Supervisor: Ahad Ouria Ph.D
Advisor: Taher Baher Talari
Graduate Degree: M.Sc
Major: Civil Engineering Specialty: Geotechnical Engineering
University: Mohaghegh Ardabili Faculty: Technical
Graduation date: 2015.4.22 Number of pages: 118
Soil Arching is one of the most important problems in geotechnical issues such as underground structures, tunnels, soldier piles and retaining walls. Arching theory was known around  years ago. In the most general acceptable definition of Arching phenomenon was presented by Terzaqi. If one part of rigid soil mass’s trap door moves down, neighbouring soil moves considering the rest of soil mass. In this thesis at experimental condition by making a box with variable trap doors which have the capacity to move, has been tried the trap door’s movement to be horizontal and the soil Arching phenomenon will be studied on two kinds of sand. Afterwards the amount of moved soil, shape and failure level are measured and the changes of tension behind the wall considering the width has been studied. Then one of the examination samples has been modeled in numerical condition at the PLAXIS software and compared. Eventually it can be seen that the level of failure is non-linear and the distribution of pressure behind the trap door severely depends on the width of wall and accordingly increases.

Keywords: soil Arching, tunnels, underground structures, retaining walls, numerical condition, PLAXIS

University of Mohaghegh Ardabili
Faculty of Technical & Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

Thesis is approved for the degree of M.Sc.
In Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering)

Exprimental and Numerical Examination of Soil Arching

Sina Lotfollahi Qareshiran

Evaluated and approved by thesis committee as: Very Good
Name & Family

Supervisor & Chairman
Assist. Prof
A. Ouria

T. Baher Talari

Assist. Prof
A. R. Negahdar

April – 2015

University of Mohaghegh Ardabili
Faculty of Technical & Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of M.Sc. in Civil Engineering

Exprimental and Numerical Examination of Soil Arching

Ahad Ouria(Ph. D)

Taher Baher Talari(M. A)

Sina Lotfollahi Qareshiran
April – 2015
1 stress distribution
2 McNulty
3 Arching
4 Feld
5 Spangler and Hendy
6 Szechy
7 Terzaghi
8 Active Arching
9 Passive Arching
2 Peck
11 Tunnel
12 gravity wall
13 semigravity wall
14 Cantilever retaining wall
15 Counterfort retaining wall
16 Coulomb
17 Rankin
18 Active
19 Passive
20 Failure
21 Wedge
22 Developed Reactions
23 Shear Strength
24 Vertical effective stress
25 Pore water pressure
26 Jaky
27 Brooker
28 Ireland
29 Normally consolidated
30 Plasticity index
31 Over consolidated
32 Overconsolidation ratio
33 Loose
34 Dense
35 Expanded
36 Translation
37 Rotation about base
38 Rotation about Top
39 principal stress
40 Culman
41 Tensile crack
42 Logarithmic spiral
43 Caquot
44 Janbu
45 Shields
46 Tolunay
47 Sokolovski